Cancer is a common disease like other diseases: Dr. Jamal A. Khan


Chandigarh, (Kulbir Singh Kalsi)-  Addressing a seminar in Chandigarh. today, Dr. Jamal A. Khan,  said that Cancer is a common disease like other diseases. Just get us right. There is a need to start its therapy on time. Just as TB, BP, Asthma, Diabetes is a disease, cancer is also a disease.We have done a very important work in cancer through the treatment of cancer immunotherapy, due to which today thousands of patients are getting cured due to it and taking advantage of that therapy.We have several clinics under the name of Denwax Clinic in different parts of the country in which cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow are important.We are working in the field of cancer immunotherapy in the country for the last 17 years and for the last many years in Chandigarh. Cancer has been described as a disease of fear, due to this many people are afraid to even name this disease due to hesitation. There is no doubt that cancer is a difficult disease, but it is not that it is incurable. For this, it is very important for all of us to understand what cancer is.There is no doubt that cancer is a difficult disease, but it is not that it is incurable. For this, it is very important for all of us to understand what cancer is. If you say this, cancer patients have a very good time when they are suffering from cancer and then get cured.Get your treatment in good hospitals, take chemotherapy, do surgery, also get surgery and then one day the doctor is very happy and says that you are completely cured and then there comes a time that he also takes care of his illness. They also forget that that disease had bothered them so much at one time and they can trouble them again at some point of time. This is the time when fully recovered patients can take another treatment which we call immunotherapy.When cancer cells start growing in our body and collect and take the form of a knot, then the immune system of our body recognizes and destroys that cancer cell and does not allow it to grow. But in cases where our immune system fails or fails in this function, there is cancer or as I mentioned above once it is cured, if the body does not re-awaken that immune system on its own. If done, in that case the cancer comes back again.To correct this error, we did a great work in cancer treatment in India itself, under which we take patient’s own blood and remove white cells from it and regenerate immune cells to fight cancer in the lab and back to the patient. are injected into the body and that immune system is regenerated to fight cancerToday, for 17 years, we are doing this treatment with great success, due to which a large number of our cancer patients have benefited greatly and today they are joining the fight against cancer in large numbers. We are happy to share that our clinic in Chandigarh has also been engaged in this work for the last several years. The doctors who attended the seminar were-






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