Farmers have not only won the war against Modi government, but also won the hearts of the people of Punjab and the country – AAP


 …the victory of the farmers proved that Indians will never tolerate dictatorship – Bhagwant Mann

 …. all the farmers sitting on the borders are warriors, the coming generation will take inspiration from their spirit of victory – Bhagwant Mann

 ….In democracy victory always belongs to the people, the government should not fight against the people

 …. if there weren’t upcoming UP elections, Modi government would still have treated the farmers ruthlessly.

 Chandigarh :  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab expressed their delight on the victory of the farmers’ movement which has been going on for more than a year on the borders of Delhi by our country’s farmers to save their existence and to protect the federal structure of the country. Party expressed  happiness on their return and congratulated all the farmers and farmer organizations of the country for their historic win. The party said the farmers’ victory has proved that dictatorship has no place in a democracy.

In a statement issued from the party headquarters, Aam Aadmi Party’s Punjab President and MP Bhagwant Mann said that the farmers and laborers sitting on dharna have not only won the war against Modi government, but they have also won the hearts of the people of Punjab and the entire country.  He said that all the farmers involved in the movement are warriors.  The warrior farmers sacrificed their lives, but they never bowed down before the arrogance of Modi government. Punjab will always remember the sacrifices of these farmers and the farmers’ movement will be written in golden letters in the history.  The coming generations of the country will take inspiration from the winning spirit of these farmers and will always defeat the dictatorship behaviour of any government in a democratic way.

Mann said that the victory of the farmers agitation has proved that dictatorship has no place in a democratic country like India.  He said, during the Emergency, Indira Gandhi also behaved like a  dictator and after passing the farm laws, Modi government was ready to do the same. But the common people of our country, farmers and laborers taught a lesson to both the dictators.  This proves that dictatorship in India cannot last for long.  He said that Modi government should follow the dignity of democracy and should not try to suppress any movement in future.  In a democracy, the victory always belongs to the people, so no government should try to win against the people.

Criticizing the Modi government, Mann said that the BJP and Prime Minister Modi are slaves of the corporates. The Prime Minister has no sympathy for the farmers.  If he had sympathy, then this movement would not have lasted so long and so many farmers would not have lost their lives.  Fearing defeat in the elections to be held in five states including UP, BJP decided to repeal all three anti-farmer laws, he said. If there were no upcoming UP election, even today the Modi government and the BJP leaders would have treated the farmers with the same ruthlessness.


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