Some good aspects of the Andolan


Punjabi plays a first fiddle in every movement like freedom movement or another significant andolans. At present it is ruled by Congress, whereas there was a wave of BJP in most of the states. In present Kissan Andolan, Punjabi played similar significant role. Lateron Haryana,UP followed suite. Now without the help of supporters from Haryana, the picture of sangharsh may be different because Haryana becomes the lifeline of farmers.  All the necessities like eatables, milk, vegetables are supplied by Haryanavis to protestors. I have come across various strata of society at Bahadargarh to learn the views of people of Haryana, and surprised to learn that they have shown more love and respect for Punjabi, the peoples of Punjab and Haryana are happy to interact each other, rather they have come very close. The villagers  khap panchayats, business community and employees,  have shown full support and help. In this movement two major benefits comes out,first the image of Punjabi is brightened. Previously Punjabi were shown as druggist like in “Udta Punjab” movies or as terrorist, with daggers ,talwars etc. Nobody from other states like these fundamentals of Punjabi. Now the people of other states realize the actual Punjabi behavior. Secondly major aspect of this movement is that the coexistence and mutual love of other communities with Punjabi have arisen. They   love and understand the problems of all kissans, whether they are from Punjab, Haryana or UP. They share langar and other eatables, medicines. I have interacted with a lady doctor from Bahadargarh, who runs medicines clinic from her own pocket without any help from any NGO or donations etc. She is very popular in Punjabi folks. With the change of season, the needs of protestors have also changed. Mosquitoes repellents are now the need of hour. Secondly in near future due to summer season, the fans ,coolers are required. Mr Rakesh Tikait has given ultimatum upto 2nd Oct. So this Andolan will last at least up to that time. Because the Govt is not in a mood to buzz. So let us look forward for a better future and continue our support to the farmers as a social cause.

Thanks and regards,

Randhir Singh Sagoo,
Preetmanni Avenue, Opp Midway Resort,
Aman Colony, St no.6,
Sri Muktsar Sahib(PB)-152026


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