Sukhpal Khaira re joining Congress alongwith his MLA colleagues Jagdev Singh Kamalu & Pirmal Singh Khalsa


Chandigarh : Congress only viable platform to fight the fanatic and fascist BJP at the national level and similarly only option to prevent the corrupt and anti Punjab Badal family from hijacking the state again in 2021 – Khaira

Sukhpal Singh Khaira MLA and former Leader of Opposition while re joining Congress alongwith his MLA colleagues Jagdev Singh Kamalu and Pirmal Singh Khalsa in the presence of Capt. Amarinder Singh CM, said Congress was the only viable platform that can save India from the clutches of fascist and fanatic rule of BJP. In the same vein he said only the Congress could prevent the Badals from “looting” the state like their previous regimes.
Khaira said he and his colleagues after due diligence have decided to join the Congress in the larger interest of the country as well as their glorious state of Punjab. Khaira said prior to this he had for the last one year tried his best to unite all like minded leaders on one platform, to create a Punjab centric regional force but unfortunately he couldn’t succeed for various reasons best not disclosed.
Khaira said he was saddened to note the arrogant attitude of BJP towards lacs of farmers especially of Punjab struggling and agitating at the borders of Delhi, for their legitimate demands but not only their demands have been thrown to the winds but they are being continuously humiliated by being branded as anti nationals, Khalistani’s, naxals etc. PM Modi has not once expressed remorse over the death of over 400 farmers, who are responsible for making India self sufficient in food grain production.
Khaira said our inefficient Prime Minister has denigrated the status and respect of India amongst the international community by grossly mishandling the Covid crisis, leaving people in the lurch particularly the underprivileged.
Khaira said similarly Punjab has been pushed to the brink facing multiple crisis due to the corrupt, anti Sikh and anti Punjab policies pursued by the Badal family for their personal political and financial gains, at the cost of state during the last few decades.
Khaira said Badals not only ‘looted’ Punjab with both hands and built their vast empire through ill gotten wealth but have nefariously worked to destroy the ethos and glory of the Sikhs as a community. Khaira said they stand completely exposed for their anti Sikh role in the much highlighted cases of sacrilege and Behbal kalan killings. Khaira held the Badals responsible for these incidents as they were hand in glove with the Dera Sacha sauda head for cheap electoral gains.
Khaira said Badals had lowered the prestige of our glorious institutions of SGPC and Akal Takhat Sahib by appointing their cronies and through them misusing these institutions for vested interest.
In the same breath, Khaira severely lambasted Arvind Kejriwal as a pseudo revolutionary, who was nothing but a dictator and B-team of the RSS-BJP. Khaira said Kejriwal supported the BJP in destroying the state of Jammu & Kashmir and has always worked against the spirit of federalism. Khaira said he had an anti minority mind set that he exhibited by supporting fundamentalist laws like the CAA and UAPA.
Khaira said it was his political blunder to join the AAP in 2015, presuming that Kejriwal would honestly bring about a qualitative change in the political culture of India but after working with him he has realised that Kejriwal was a double faceted and hypocrite leader. He urged the people of Punjab and NRI’s not to again fall prey to his politics of fraud and lies. Khaira said Kejriwal collected hundreds of crores worldwide from Punjabi NRI’s in 2017 but has failed to explain how and where the party spent the money.
Khaira said therefore keeping the present political situation in mind he was of the firm opinion, that only leaders like Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Capt. Amarinder Singh could lead the nation and state towards stability, peace and progress, hence he alongwith his colleagues have decided to join the party.
Last but not the least he said his decision to re join the Congress party was also based on a very vociferous demand for the same by his supporters of Bholath constituency, to whom he and his family owe their 50 years of political existence.


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