AAP MLAs burn copies of Governor’s address, says for the 5th time Guv and Captain Amarinder lied to people of Punjab


…. AAP legislators protested inside Vidhan Sabha during Governor’s address, says will not tolerate lies of Congress government

….Governor skipping sections relating to agriculture and Punjab, shows that Captain Amarinder and Guv are hand-in-glove, working as puppets of PM Modi: Harpal Cheema

Chandigarh : The Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP ) MLAs on the first day of the budget session, protested inside the Vidhan Sabha during the Governor’s address stating that the Governor and Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had been lying to the people of Punjab for the last 4 years. The MLAs said that in the budget session also, they were repeating their same lies. “We, being the representatives of the common man, will not tolerate these lies,” they added. Also, as a sign of protest, the AAP legislators burnt the copies of the Governor’s address. They said that it was for the fifth time that the Governor and Captain Amarinder lied to the people of Punjab.

Lashing out at Captain Amarinder Singh, senior leader of the AAP and Leader of Opposition (LoP) in the Punjab Assembly, Harpal Singh Cheema said that every year Captain Amarinder Singh writes a speech for the Governor and he just reads it out in the assembly, propagating the lies of the government. “We have been repeatedly saying that Captain Amarinder and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are in cahoots with each other. Today’s Governor’s address makes it amply clear,” he added. Cheema said that the sections regarding agriculture and Punjab were skipped by the Governor, proving that Captain Amarinder Singh and the Governor were mere puppets of PM Modi.

He said that today every section of Punjab was saddened by the negligence opted by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh while sitting on a chair of an important responsibility. Cheema said that the Congress was a party of lies, which had betrayed the people of Punjab. He said that the Aam Aadmi Party had been exposing the poor performance of the Captain’s government in the Vidhan Sabha and in the court of the people. “The AAP will continue to raise its voice against those who try to fool the people. This action will not be tolerated any longer,” he added.


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