BJP is calling farmers who fed them Pakistani agents – AAP


….. Sons of these agitating farmers protect our borders against Pakistan
…BJP as slave of corporates is stooping to disgusting level: Mann
….BJP is terming the same farmers as terrorists who voted them to power
….Our country’s farmers are like Gods to us
Chandigarh : The Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP ) Punjab on Thursday took offence to the reprehensive statement of Rao Saheb Danve, Minister of State in the Modi-led BJP Centre government. Rao Saheb Danve for labelling the struggling farmers as agents of China and Pakistan. Also adding that the BJP had stooped to a new low. It said that truth behind such reprehensive statements of motor-mouthed BJP leaders was the humongous response pouring in from across the country. The party said that the BJP government was playing to the gallery to appease its patron corporate houses.
In a statement issued from party headquarters on Thursday, state president and Sangrur MP, Bhawant Mann said that the Modi dispensation should tell its motor-mouthed ministers that behind the ongoing massive Kisan movement were not China and Pakistan but the mothers, fathers, sisters and other kin of the valiant soldiers whose families were fighting against the draconian Modi government to save their future, saying PM should tell the loose cannons to maintain decency of language.
Bhagwant Mann said that the Modi government should never forget that it is the brave sons of the agitating farmers who are guarding the country’s frontiers against China and Pakistan. Mann said that the Modi government was indulging in a vilification campaign against the farmers and maligning both the farmers and jawans of the country to appease the corporate houses. The Sangrur MP further said that the Modi government should bear in mind that its nefarious design would never succeed in weakening the farmers’ struggle which had emerged as a movement of the people of the country.
Mann said that behind this peasant movement were the people of the country from all sections of society, including traders, students, men, women and others who stood rock solid behind the ongoing struggle being fought on the Delhi-Haryana borders amid cold and chilling winter nights. The AAP leader said that with the movement growing stronger by the day, not only the BJP and the Modi government but also China and Pakistan growing panicky about such a massive moment.


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