Make adequate arrangements to deal with third wave of Covid pandemic and black fungus: Harpal Singh Cheema to Captain government


…..Vaccination centers in Punjab being closed due to shortage of vaccines

….Government must open vaccination centers in rural areas so that villagers can get its benefit in time

….Arrangements should be made in hospitals with doctors and staff, medicines, ventilators, medical oxygen and other life-saving equipment

Chandigarh : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) senior leader and Leader of Opposition (LoP) in the Punjab Assembly, Harpal Singh Cheema has appealed to Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh to make proper arrangements to deal with the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic and Black Fungus in the state, so that the people could be saved from going to the brink of death. In a statement issued from the party headquarters here on Saturday, Harpal Singh Cheema said that the second wave of Covid pandemic had proved to be very deadly for the people of Punjab and now the problem of black fungus had further increased the death toll. Criticising the Captain government, he alleged that the Punjab government had not made proper arrangements in the state to deal with the Covid outbreak.

Cheema said that despite warnings of a second wave of Covid, no technical system including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff was set up in government hospitals of the state. He said that in order to save the lives of critically ill patients suffering from Covid across the state, there was a shortage of medicines; while hundreds of the people lost their lives due to lack of ventilators and oxygen. “Due to non-availability of medical oxygen gas by the Captain government, industrial oxygen gas had to be used to save the lives of critically ill patients, which created a new problem of black fungus; for which the Captain Amarinder Singh-led Congress government is directly responsible,” he added.

The AAP leader further said that the country’s scientists and specialist doctors have ordered to expedite the vaccination campaign against the Corona infection to prevent the third wave of Covid pandemic, but the Captain government had not yet been able to provide the required amount of vaccine. “Vaccination centers in Punjab are being closed due to shortage of vaccines. Most of the population of the state lived in the villages, where the Covid has now spread, but the government has not taken any step towards vaccination camps in the villages,” said Cheema. He appealed to Captain Amarinder Singh to open vaccination centers in the villages so that the villagers could get its benefit in time. He said that at the same time, doctors and other staff in government hospitals should be provided with medicines, ventilators, medical oxygen and other life saving equipment.


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