Proposed Initiative Enters Circulation

 Requires State Funding Of Religious And Other Private School Education. Initiative Constitutional Amendment And Statute.
SACRAMENTO – Secretary of State Dr. Shirley N. Weber announced that the proponent of a new initiative was cleared to begin collecting petition signatures on October 28, 2021.
The Attorney General prepares the legal title and summary that is required to appear on initiative petitions. When the official language is complete, the Attorney General forwards it to the proponent and to the Secretary of State, and the initiative may be circulated for signatures. The Secretary of State then provides calendar deadlines to the proponent and to county elections officials. The Attorney General’s official title and summary for the measure is as follows:
REQUIRES STATE FUNDING OF RELIGIOUS AND OTHER PRIVATE SCHOOL EDUCATION. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE. Requires state to provide yearly voucher payments ($13,000 initially, adjusted annually) into Education Savings Accounts for K-12 students attending religious and other private schools. Expands eligibility in phases; lower income families eligible first. Funds payments through General Fund and local property tax revenues currently allocated to public (including charter) schools. Eliminates constitutional prohibition on public funding of religious and other private schools. Prevents state from conditioning funding on these schools meeting certain requirements. Up to $60,000 excess funds in Education Savings Accounts could be used at higher education/vocational schools. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Increased annual state costs, likely growing to $4 billion to $6 billion by the end of the five-year implementation period, to provide state funding for students currently enrolled in private school. Depending on how the state implements the measure, these costs could be paid for with reductions to funding for public schools and/or reductions to other programs in the state budget. Increased annual state costs, probably at least several billion dollars, for students who move from public to private schools. Lower spending on public schools would more than offset these costs, likely producing state savings of several hundred million dollars annually. Likely reduced state costs for school bonds, potentially reaching a couple hundred million dollars annually within the next few decades. (21-0011A1.)
The Secretary of State’s tracking number for this measure is 1905 and the Attorney General’s tracking number is 21-0011A1.
The proponents of the measure, Richard Grenell, Cecilia Iglesias, Maryam Qudrat, and Nanxun “Saga” Conroy, must collect signatures of 997,139 registered voters (eight percent of the total votes cast for Governor in the November 2018 general election) in order for the measure to become eligible for the ballot. The proponents have 180 days to circulate petitions for the measure, meaning the signatures must be submitted to county elections officials no later than April 26, 2022. The address for the proponents is 800 W. California Ave., Ste. 110 Sunnyvale, CA 94086.


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