Sikhs of America decided to give all possible support to the farmers protests – Jasdeep Singh Jassi,Baljinder Singh Shammi was sent as an ambassador to meet Rakesh Tikait

Washington D.C., (Raj Gogna )—Sikhs for America chief and prominent American Sikh leader Jasdeep Singh Jassi told Our press correspondent,  that Sikhs of America has decided to extend all possible support to the peasant movement in India. He said that Baljinder Singh has been sent to India as the ambassador of Shammi Sikhs for America to find out the ground realities. Meets Dhakdar Farmer Leader Rakesh Tikait Sr. Jassi explained that Sr. Baljinder Singh Shammi has thoroughly read the movement and found out what is needed where.
“Sikhs for America fully supports the peasant struggle and we will meet every need of peasant dharna in the future,” he said. Sr. Jasdeep Singh Jassi said that the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi should consider the demands of the farmers and as soon as possible repeal the laws to get the respect of the farmers and return them to their respective homes. Give it a chance.


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